About Gallery


Gallery on Nowolipki presents the works of the Polish painter Józef Krzysztof Oraczewski. It is the only place where one can become acquainted with the achievements of this world-renowned artist.

The aim of the gallery is to promote art at the highest level, therefore one of the areas of activity is organizing exhibitions and selling works of renowned artists represented by partner galleries from around the world.

The long-term activity of Józef Krzysztof Oraczewski, crowned with the creation of a multidimensional OracArt project, has resulted in the presence on the Polish market of the institution that perfectly combines the highest values ​​of art with business principles.

Unquestionable artistic and business success of Józef Krzysztof Oraczewski means that he has a strong, undisputed identity of the independent, free and uninvolved artist. This allows him to develop fully his well-established recognizable style that is appreciated by both art experts and collectors.

The artist, known for his unusual diligence combined with his attitude, artistic and social activity, builds trusted relationships with diverse environments, from creators, art lovers to business people. That’s why the gallery is open to everyone- collectors, investors and also those who just love good art. Because regardless of whether art is a passion or an investment, or both passion and investment, the overriding principle is that it must be good.

Serdecznie polecamy wizytę w galerii zarówno potencjalnym klientom, jak i wielbicielom talentu Józefa Krzysztofa Oraczewskiego.

Art in space

Exceptional works require a specially arranged space. To meet this need, we offer an interior design service inspired by a work of art.

Architecture inspired by art

Art does not have to be limited to the interior. We suggest treating a large-scale work of art as a starting point for designing unique buildings such as residences or company headquarters.

Rental of space and organization of events

We have a wide range of services in which we can organize almost anything: from small meetings in a place in Warsaw’s Old Town, exhibitions in a professional gallery, workshops, performances and conferences in the creative space for large events in the painting studio near Warsaw.

Investing in art

As OracArt, we offer the opportunity to invest in art. Our investment plan, which was developed by excellent specialists assumes a significant increase in the value of works of art.

The art market is one of the best-growing business in the world. We are aware that the Polish market is an emerging market, which can offer great investment opportunities associated with promoting very valuable but underestimated Polish contemporary art.