Art Success Conference

Art Success Conference is a long-term project aimed at building the art market in Poland because only a professional market will allow the growth of contemporary art for the benefit of all its participants artists, collectors, investors and art galleries.

Artists in art

The OracArt educational program encourages children as well as adults of all ages and levels of interest to engage in contemporary art to reflect on the role of culture and art in everyday life As part of the program, we propose cooperation with kindergartens, schools and other social organizations.

We offer educational workshops in schools, classes in our gallery artistic meetings in an unusual artist’s studio near Warsaw, as well as access to a creative social space for children and adults for meetings, talks and games in our spacious exhibition area at Koszykowa Street in Warsaw.

Patronage and support of young artists

As part of the educational project, we promote artists entering the art market through exhibitions, sales of works and help in building the image.